Tapestry “Three Figures”
44" w x 56" h
Close-up view
A French textile artist got permission from Dad to weave tapestries from two of his watercolors. The larger of the two “The Procession” was sold to a collector in New York in 2002. The one for sale now is titled “Three Figures” an abstract. The artist created three tapestries, one to the artist from whose work it was taken, one for herself, & one to sell. She worked in an atelier in Paris, signed on back of piece by the artist. She used the Aubusson technique.

Inscription: Maitre dóevre Y.L.P.
Yvette Cauquil-Prince
Exécution à atelier
Y.L.P. 33 Rue des Paris 4900 France
To tapistre de Henry Miller
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